Privately Insured Patients

Sydney Day Surgery will run an eligibility check with your preferred health fund prior to your surgery. It is your responsibility to understand the type and level of cover you have and to contact your health fund to ensure that you are covered for the booked procedure. If there are any gaps, co-payments or excesses we will contact you to advise you of the outstanding amount and this will need to be paid on the day of your procedure.

*This payment is what you have agreed with your health fund; we have no control over these costs and whether they will arise.

If Sydney Day Surgery has an agreement with your health fund, the balance of the account is sent directly to the health fund on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an excess?

An excess is imposed by your health fund and is selected by you when you joined your fund. The excess contributes to the initial cost of a procedure. Due to the varied health funds and policies, we are unable to advise what it will be any sooner than 48 hours out from your procedure.

Q. What is a co-payment?

A. A co-payment is imposed by your health fund as a contribution by your various costs associated with certain types of procedures. Once again, this is dependent on the fund and level of cover so you will have to investigate this matter with your fund.

Q. What is an OOP (out of pocket expense)

This expense is the sum of money left over after your health fund has covered a portion of your bill. Talk to your health fund provider to see if they offer policies that reduce/cover your gaps.

Uninsured Patients

Patients without private health insurance are welcome at Sydney Day Surgery. You will be provided with a fee estimate prior to surgery. All fees outstanding must be paid to Craigie Day Surgery on the day of admission.

Payment Method

Our preferred method of payment is by Eftpos or credit card, we also accept cash and cheque. 

Please note: we do not accept Amex or Diners.

DVA Gold or White Card, Australian Defence Fund (ADF)

Sydney Day Surgery is able to provide day procedure services to entitled persons without the need for your Doctor to obtain prior financial authorisation. All accounts are sent directly to the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs.

Please note: Other accounts such as your treating doctor, anaesthetist and pathology will be billed separately by the practice concerned.